CAD CAM Cutting

Multi CAD CAM Cutting

The Kongsberg Multi CAD CAM Cutting is used for every job, to trim, cut-to-shape, crease and rout. Using all combinations at once if required, ensuring accuracy and perfect finishing on all work.

From the smallest countertop sign to the largest backdrop display, our cutting table allows us to accurately finish all applications, on all materials.

Partial cutting, V-cutting, kiss-cutting, creasing, milling, engraving, or folding is all done in-house.

Tried and tested it is the optimum companion for all our print output, assuring maximum production without loss of quality throughout production.

We also have a Piranha laser machine installed. This is great for cutting and engraving acrylic giving crystal clear edges for a flame polished appearance. Highly intricate photos can be replicated by the process of etching and delicate geometries produced.

Kongsberg Cutter

Our Kongsberg cutter milling coasters produced on dibond with liquid laminate

Milling MDF

Cutting MDF for a sign stand using the milling tool