Liquid Lamination

Whilst the quality and durability of UV inks has much improved, the quality, longevity, resistance and durability of prints, can still be prematurely degraded, damages or fail in different applications and environments. Our investment in our Liquid coater will enhance for sure the longevity, durability, water, abrasion and chemical resistance that even UV prints can be affected by.

Our UV Coater stretches beyond these limits the capabilities of most print systems and print providers because without a UV coater such as ours you cannot add any value to UV inkjet prints. Also to a large extent, over laminate films will simply not achieve the same protection and stability and in some case will not work and can be prone to de-lamination and prematurely fail your needs and expectations. In all cases our stable and reliable coatings will protect your prints from premature failure from abrasion, UV light exposure or handling, especially in harsher environments. This method of coating is not so practical when done by hand, for larger projects and in the case of UV coatings is only really achievable with our state of the art Digital Coating machine.

Don’t let the limits of inkjet technology, disappoint you when your work/prints are exposed to harsher environments or heavy traffic and especially when situated in public areas. Liquid Lamination not only provides that extra essential protection against UV fade, but also provides Image enhancement & Vibrancy,, scratch resistance, water and chemical Resistance

For all rigid boards, including Foamboards, dibond, corrugated, and fluted boards we have speciality protective liquid laminates that will both enhance and protect your prints. Our anti-graffiti coatings fight off all possible failure and damage to your prints from most chemicals, graffiti paints and sprays. Our Rigid Gloss coatings will enhance your colours and our Matt coatings will reduce glare and protect to the colour and standard you want and need.

Should you also want to protect flexible materials in a similar manner such as Wallcoverings, Fleet graphics, Adhesive films we can also offer similar solutions with our UV or waterbased coatings.